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Onshore and Offshore Agile
Software Development

The pressure on businesses to obtain maximum value from their IT investments is ever increasing. Today IT investments have to enable businesses to be more competitive whilst at the same time these investments have to be managed within real world budget considerations.

Agile methods and principles applied to software development projects offer the real ability to maximise the business value from software development investments. Applying Agile methods ensures a close working partnership between software development teams and their business partners resulting in solutions that meet real business needs. Another important benefit of adopting Agile methods is the ability to very rapidly meet the needs of changing requirements driven by changes in business priorities and market conditions.

Gazelle Software Solutions is a new venture that offers a wealth of experience to enable organisations to get the business benefits of Agile methods together with the advantages of using onshore resources in tandem with global offshore resources .

Gazelle Software Solutions offers a range of services to ensure that clients’ Agile projects deliver desired business value within budget.

These services include:

  • project delivery using onshore and offshore resources
  • project management
  • coaching and training
  • consultancy

Gazelle has developed particular expertise in the intgeration of legacy enterprise systems with newer web applications, and the intergration of newer enterprise systems with existing legacy systems.

Examples include:

  • Integrating HR systems with enterprise Intranets
  • Shared whiteboard applications using real time data from enterprise systems
  • Mobile data collection applications
  • Synchronisaton of Microsoft Active Directory with multiple enterpise data sources